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A Skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair with a very short taper that fades into the skin – thus giving this haircut its name.The style and length of the top of the hair can be tailored to suit the clients requirements.Skin fade haircuts demand a longer duration to complete, so please allow extra time for this service.


A clipper cut is achieved by using clipper grades over the entire head. This However, does not mean you can only expect to leave Guy & Beard Barbers with a zero all over when choosing these services. We can always tailor a haircut to meet required lengths by using different clipper gradients to create a crisp finish or varied styles.


We offer Simple Beard Trims to Shape ups & Full Beard Shaves.
Simple Beard Trim
 One length grade all over. Hairline shaped with trimmers to finish
Beard Style & Shape up 
Full beard cut and style using clipper grades, scissors and a cut throat razor if desired, to achieve those extra sharp edges.
Full Beard Shave
 the smoothies! Cut throat shave, trimmers or foil razor for those that wish to be hair free.


We offer a complete range of cuts for Men, from a simple scissor Trim to Mohawks!
Our Men’s Cuts include: 
Fade, Undercut, Pompadour, Slicked Back, Quiff, Flat Top, Comb Over, Mohawk, Afro, Perm, Scissor Trim, Long Hair & Textured Crop


If there’s hair to cut, bring them in. We know, that the earlier the youngsters start having their haircuts, the sooner they’ll feel comfortable, and the quicker we will achieve the perfect lads trims


Traditional short back & sides, scissor trim? Or do you still have the locks for good old DA? Either way, we are here to get you looking dapper once more. And all at a reduced cost.


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