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The Real Men’s Guide To Beard Fashion

The Real Men’s Guide To Beard Fashion

Men today are more concerned and aware of their appearance, and one way to enhance his look is by growing a beard. Fashion includes not only what we wear and how we accessorize, but also how we arrange our hair, particularly men’s facial hair. Given that men are allowed to grow a full Spartan beard, beards can be quite annoying and messy at times, but a nicely trimmed beard will give the appearance an additional point. Fashion for beards is more complicated than it seems. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to rock your beard like a true guy.


Beard fashion is what?

Many men are interested in experimenting with this new grooming trend for men because untidy sideburns are a depressing sight. A creative method to style facial hair is with a beard. Why not style it with your beard since there are different ways to trim hair? If one is not yet confident in styling his own beard, a barbershop is a good place to start. However, even barbers need the client’s input on how he wants his hair to appear after the visit. Of course, it relies on the man’s hair’s length and style.


The Best Beard Styles for All Men

How do you want your goatee to be groomed for you then? Find out your face’s structure first. Do you have a round, square, elliptical, or rectangle-shaped face? Examine the cut you believe fits you the best.


1. Faces in a square shape

In general, square-faced men should have a fuller beard near the chin to draw attention to their square jawline, along with a short beard at the side to accentuate their cheekbones. However, the subsequent goatee looks are also acceptable:


Beard in a circle

As implied by the name, the majority of the hair on the chin is located in the region where the hair on the upper lip circles down to. To ensure that beards are neatly trimmed, the area close to the cheekbones may have an exact edge.


The Royale Beard

With a neatly trimmed mustache that cuts with a short wave at the side of both lips, this well-trimmed beard can make you feel as Guy & Beard as most royal men do in movies. Depending completely on how you want the sideburns to curve, you can have a curly beard. Additionally, you can place a small amount of hair in the center of the lower lip, which expands as it descends toward the chin.


Goatee goats dressed as people? Yes! Now that you have neatly trimmed the hair embracing the entire chin area with precise cuts at the sides, you can sport the real goat’s beard for yourself.


Miniature Goatee
It resembles the goatee beard style in general, with the exception of how little hair is covered on the jawline. With the lower edge fully covering the lower jawline, both sides convex toward one another.


2. Faces in a round shape

You can use your hair to experiment with angles in this situation. Maintaining thick hair on the jawline can create a part. The following beard designs are suggested for faces with round features:


Van Dyke Beard

Except for the mustache, the hair around the mouth is arranged in circles. The hair on the chin is arranged in a straight line from the corner of the cheeks to the base of the chin.


Short Boxed Beard

A bearded guy with a round face may appear to have a well-groomed beard with minimal hair that is neatly shaped at the sides.


Invoking Balbo Beard

The side of the lips and the mustache are hair-free, but the jawbone and chin are covered in hair.


The Anchor Beard

The Balbo beard style is somewhat close to the Anchor beard style. In contrast to Balbo, this style has less hair but a much more precise edge that follows the jawline.



3. Faces in an oval shape

This is acknowledged as the ideal form for applying any beard style. Therefore, if you have this face type, almost any beard design will look good on you. However, we’ve selected a few of the most common goatee cuts for this face type:


Invoking Chevron

Only the region above the upper lip is completely covered by facial hair, leaving the bottom free.


3 Days of Stubble Beard

This short trimmed beard will appear fresh and in fact very neat even if some hair covers the lower portion of the cheeks, as if you have only grown stubble for three days.


Beard with a horseshoe design

The mustache simply remains in place, with the exception that it drops abruptly to your chin at the conclusion, as if you were crying. Leave no hair in the center of the chin and neatly trim this vertical line.


Original Mustache

The only option for a unique stache is a mustache. Make sure the finish is still present.


4. Face in Rectangle Form

By maintaining the long cuts at the sides of the lips, the strength of this form can be highlighted. Additionally, maintain the majority of your hair at the bottom. The finest beard designs for this face type are as follows:


Chops of Mutton Beard

This looks a lot like a horseshoe beard. The only variation is that the hair starts at the sides of the lips and grows vertically up to the jawline.


Gunslinger Mustache and Beard

This neatly groomed beard conceals a horseshoe mustache and sideburns that appear to be preparing for battle.


The Chin Strip

A basic hairline on the chin can give off a bad-boy appearance. To highlight the neatness of the appearance, the edges of this strip must once more be clearly defined.


Beard in the Chin Strap Style

This resembles a grassy area. From the mandible to the jawlines, hair is dispersed along the bottom of the face. No facial hair. chin band absent.


Advice on How to Trim a Beard Properly

The next choice you must make is whether you want to embark on the journey of creating your own hair or leave the art to the barbers now that we have listed a number of men’s hair and beard styles. Follow these few tips to effectively create a desirable beard style if you believe that you can manage your full Spartan beard on your own.


Wash your beard first.

Use a reputable brand of shampoo to clean your beard, following the same procedure that both men and women use to wash their hair. The conditioner that follows softens the hair and makes it easier to shape the goatee.


Next, begin brushing.

You can comb your goatee the same way one combs their hair. This will help you organize your hair and identify any particularly long threads that contrast with the rest of your beard’s length. Make use of a soft brush designed especially for beards.


Trim with the clippers in Step 3

Start shaping your goatee based on the styles you want to maintain from the list above.


Use mustache scissors in step four.

The shears are here to remove long hair that covers the upper lip because some hair will be too stubborn for the clippers. Use this only when you have confidence in your palms’ stability. Use mustache shears as a simpler substitute.


Observe the neckline in Step 5

This is crucial because it will also make the beard’s neck region finish visible. Trimming the hair above the Adam’s apple is recommended. You can also decide whether you want the beard to fade or have a sharp edge at the conclusion. Use the clippers with variously adjusted settings to achieve a faded appearance for the beard if you prefer to have the former. Shave a portion of the stubble while shaving the hair on your face if you prefer the latter.


Follow the Aftercare in Step 6

Apply some beard oil and use a beard comb to distribute it evenly throughout the beard region to clean up the mess that has been left behind. Additionally, the hair that was left over after trimming will be removed, giving your goatee a tidy appearance.



Which barbershop offers the best beard trimming services?

Which barbershop is known for its attention to fashionable beards? Check out our suggestion right now! Pay a visit to Guy & Beard.


Are you prepared to experiment on your own with a new goatee style? You’re ready to go now that you’ve reviewed the instructions for performing the task yourself. Some people still have doubts about their hands’ ability, though. No cause for concern! There are always skilled barbershops like Guy & Beard. to meet your requirements. If you want the best haircut to finish your appearance, make sure to pick the best barbershop.


Guy & Beard. is not your typical barbershop because they offer a wide range of professional services that will satisfy you. They have your back from the planning step to the aftercare! Leave it to them, and they will take care of the rest if a perfectly trimmed beard or curly beard styles are what make you feel confident.



Just a friendly reminder to schedule an appointment first as most well-liked men’s barbershops are crowded with clients. Additionally, do your homework and find out if the barbershop specializes in haircuts for men with beards or beard trends. After all, you do want to sport a sharp haircut and an equally stylish goatee.


Final Reflections


Beards are no laughing matter. The clean cut you are attempting to put up could be ruined by a few strands out of position. Additionally, a bad cut might alter the sensation of the beard you were hoping for. Not only is it fashionable, but every guy should keep his beard neatly trimmed. A well-kept beard will not only give you a mature appearance that will impress women or the new employer, but it will also give you an air of charisma and stature. Never be reluctant to go for appearing your best. Start taking care of your goatee now!

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